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About Us:

“We Trade the best of Technology and deliver their productivity in our projects, without compromise.”

VAASP is a Strategy Management and Technical Consultancy firm which takes the complete responsibility & ownership of setting up the project within the defined timeframe. Our group is a set of experts who take independent responsibility in their respective areas and ensure that every plant gets its own unique design, only after understanding the client requirements. The idea behind this firm is to develop mechanisms to ensure continuous engagement with all stake holders so that the project is shaped as it is perceived. More importantly, we make our clients aware of the opportunities that lie ahead of them and see to it that feasibility in the layout designing for future requirements is ensured. VAASP focuses on technology and goes into the depth of engineering components to ensure maximum productivity, energy efficiency and throughput at minimum cost.

We understand that many problems exist and hence, we focus on providing solutions for the same. Some of them are:

  1. Value for money: This refers to cost effectiveness. It implies that money should be spent in an economical, efficient and an effective manner to attain maximum benefit out of minimal cost. Therefore, not only does it refer to spending less but it refers to spending well in a prudent manner.
  2. Good communication: Establishing transparent communication between the client and the vendor will ease things out. We equip our clients with all appropriate knowledge and know-how of running a plant.
  3. Financial stability: Financial stability is ensured by managing two critical components of running a plant. One is fund flow management wherein a timely reporting to the client ensures timely release of funds preventing unnecessary hiccups in plant setup. Second is timely completion of scheduled tasks within time frame ensuring that no delays take place.
  4. Partnership: A strategic partnership brings in more capital in terms of savings and a wide range of resources and expertise to the table. Some prefer to use the partnership to access a new product or reach a new market, while others use it as a means for providing the right advice and the right council.
  5. Right suppliers: Choosing the right supplier is a critical business decision. Before selecting the supplier it is necessary to assess their capabilities and compare pricing accordingly. A strong and reliable relationship with the supplier helps you in delivering a high-quality product and consequently, you gain the consumers trust.
  6. Good quality: Every customer expects a high-quality product as promised by the brand, and hence, managing the quality of the product must be a top priority.

VAASP provides your company with these solutions. Success is based on three factors: the number of opportunities that come your way, the effort-reward relation and the complexity of the work.

Why Hire Us:

“We believe in improvements; be it quality, productivity or operations”

A new client in the FMCG sector is like small fish in a deep sea. There are just too many problems and challenges that he has to face and he can’t face them all alone and thus comes the need of a consultancy like VAASP. We focus solely on addressing the rudimentary requirements in an organized and a technical manner, thus, catalyzing the company’s business growth.

Setting up a FMCG plant is often considered risky primarily because of the limited shelf life of products. It is also a highly competitive business because it commands a universal market. But as they say, the greater the risk, the more money you tend to make.

To make our clients successful we keep looking for unique solutions. Some of the key areas where we give our clients an edge over other companies are:

  1. Product: This is the most fundamental are well as the most important requirement. Everything that you do in the later developmental stages is intrinsically dependent on the product specification.
  2. The capacity of production: This refers to the quantity of product that the plant can supply. This is dependent on the market demand of the product as well as the productivity of the plant.
  3. Market feedback: Once you are aware of the target market, the feedback and the insights become an aspect for the futuristic developmental growth of the company. It also becomes a way for keeping an eye on the competitors.
  4. Location: This is perhaps one of the most crucial factors, which may make or break the business. If the weather is not well suited for the plant or if the chosen geographical area has very frequent power cuts, then setting a plant in that locality may perhaps be the reason for its subsequent failure.
  5. Machinery: Just as random data is insignificant until it is transfigured into meaningful information; raw materials have little or no worth unless they are transformed into the desired product. Making compromises on good machinery may lead to an unpleasant situation, where the product may turn out to be defective. At the same time reducing the downtime and increasing the uptime is of utmost importance in plant operations.

Service Assurance:

The most important aspect, of setting up a plant is based on the ability of the entrepreneur to recognize the need of the hour. In most cases, the best laid out plans tend to fail, if the client is not in a position to recognize and accommodate these respective needs.

Logically, there are only three reasons, among a plethora of excuses, as to why a new plant setup might fail. One of them is, lack of clarity and focus, where every action does not have the intended reaction, and instead, your experiments with the company lead to an inevitable disaster. Here, VAASP ensures that the team is not casual in its approach and focuses on saving time, money and energy.

The second reason is selection of wrong machinery wherein the machine specifications do not meet the plant requirements.

The third and foremost reason is lack of understanding of machinery and various processes involved. Machines once installed need to be maintained and in order to be maintained they need to be understood.

VAASP, as a consulting firm, with years of experience by its side, ensures that the company is managed in an orderly fashion by focusing on the priority areas. It also ensures that, the layout is made in a manner such that, it best suits the need of the company. By recognizing the need of the hour and by working on that instinct, a consulting firm like VAASP, will make sure that the productivity of the company is not compromised upon.


To Set Standards for Excellence in robust plant layout, profitable operations, secure project management and rationalized designs. We are committed towards improved outputs and increased profits.

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With 12 biscuits, 6 bread, 3 cookies, 4 burger buns and 3 cake lines successfully installed and many more coming up VAASP consulting is emerging as a one stop solution for all bakery plants requirements.

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